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Romance and Rapport is a system that measures the relationship between characters in Unicorn Overlord. See more details on the romance and rapport system, all romance and marriage options, including info about gay romance, and how to get, use, and check Rapport in this guide.

List of Contents

  • Romance and Marriage System
  • All Romance and Marriage Options
  • How to Build Rapport
  • Is There Gay Romance and Marriage?
  • What does Rapport Do?
  • How to Check Rapport
  • Who are you Marrying?
  • Related Guides

Romance and Marriage System

Enter a Covenant with Ring of Maiden

Romance and Rapport Guide | Unicorn Overlord|Game8 (2)
Alain, the main character and owner of the Ring of Unicorn, can offer the ring's counterpart, the Ring of Maiden, to a character for them to perform the Rite of Covenant, or this game's marriage system.

The marriage system can only be used on characters Alain have maximized Rapport with.

Obtain the Ring of Maiden in Elheim

The Ring of Maiden can be obtained by finishing the series of Main Quests in Elheim.

The Elheim Main Quest starts with The Winding Wood. It will be unlocked after rescuing Scarlett in The Priestess, Abducted.

When given the choice to explore either Elheim or Drakenhold to seek Princess Virginia, it is recommended to explore Elheim first.

Use the Ring of Maiden in the Unicorn Altar in Palevia Town

Romance and Rapport Guide | Unicorn Overlord|Game8 (3)
After reaching the appropriate Rapport with a possible romance option, the Rite of Covenant can be accessed in the Unicorn Altar located west of Palevia Town.

Access Palevia Town by boarding the ship in Ouvrir Harbor.

All Romance and Marriage Options

All Female Romance Options

All Romance Options
Amalia Berengaria Berenice Celeste
Chloe Dinah Eltolinde Fran
Galadmir Hilda Kitra Leah
Liza Melisandre Miriam Monica
Nina Ochlys PrimmRaenys
Railanor Ramona Ridiel Rosalinde
Scarlett Selvie Sharon Tatiana
Umerus Virginia Yahna Yunifi

All Male Romance Options

All Romance Options
Adel Aramis Aubin Auch
Bertrand Bruno Bryce Clive
ColmFodoquia Gammel Gilbert
Gloucester Govil Hodrick Ithilion
JeremyJerome Josef Lex
Lhinalagos Magellan Mandrin Morard
Mordon Renault RolfSanatio

List of All Recruitable Characters

How to Build Rapport

Rapport is Unicorn Overlord's version of romance and marriage system that gauges each character's relationship with each other. Rapport can be increased in taverns, in battles, and through gifts.

  • Share Meals in the Tavern
  • Build Rapport in Combat
  • Give Gifts to Characters Stationed as Guards

Share Meals in the Tavern

Romance and Rapport Guide | Unicorn Overlord|Game8 (60)

For a decent amount of Gold, sharing meals in a tavern is the fastest way to reach maximum Rapport with anyone.

Taverns are places where characters can share hearty meals and form bonds outside of the battlefield.

Different meals have varied Gold costs, attendees that can join the meal, and the amount of Rapport built among the characters.

Taverns are usually found in big walled cities and the first one you can unlocked is in Barbatimo after completing The Battle for Barbatimo Walkthrough, and finishing the first set of deliveries.

The Battle for Barbatimo Walkthrough

Build Rapport in Combat

Romance and Rapport Guide | Unicorn Overlord|Game8 (61)

Characters in the same unit build Rapport with each other after every battle, regardless of winning or losing.

With enough Renown, you can upgrade a unit's size, allowing you to build rapport between up to 5 characters at once.

Honor Farming Guide

Give Gifts to Characters Stationed as Guards

Romance and Rapport Guide | Unicorn Overlord|Game8 (62)

Give Gifts to the characters you've stationed as Guards to build Rapport between them and Alain. Some characters are more fond of particular gifts and will create more Rapport with Alain if given to them.

Restore Towns to Station Guards

Romance and Rapport Guide | Unicorn Overlord|Game8 (63)

Towns must be liberated and restored first to station an ally as a guard. Complete the related battle stage and the Restoration Request deliveries to restore towns fully.

Characters stationed as guards can still be deployed in battle and will reward you with materials and War Funds for each successful battle.

Is There Gay Romance and Marriage?

Rite of Covenant Available for Female and Male Characters

Romance and Rapport Guide | Unicorn Overlord|Game8 (64)

Most unique characters can be selected as Alain's partner in covenant regardless of gender, from the ironclad Hodrick to the ever-faithful Scarlett.

What does Rapport Do?

The Rapport between characters unlocks special conversations between them and the possibility of engaging the marriage system. Rapport also provides stat bonuses to characters.

  • Enables Rite of Covenant
  • Unlocks Rapport Conversations
  • Gives Bonus Stats

Enables Rite of Covenant

Romance and Rapport Guide | Unicorn Overlord|Game8 (65)
Characters who have maximized Rapport with Alain can be chosen to be Alain's partner in the Rite of Covenant and can be given the Ring of Maiden.

Unlocks Rapport Conversations

Romance and Rapport Guide | Unicorn Overlord|Game8 (66)
Conversations between characters can be unlocked at certain Rapport levels, showing a deeper look at those characters' relationships.

Rapport conversations are accessed in the overworld and can be seen marked on the map.

Gives Bonus Stats

Romance and Rapport Guide | Unicorn Overlord|Game8 (67)
Characters gain bonus stats by being in a unit with members they have built Rapport with. These stat bonuses stack with other characters in the unit, making a unit with close friends much stronger.

This can then be paired with naturally good characters that synergizes with friends with the proper classes.
Best Characters Tier List

How to Check Rapport

Open the Rapport Menu from the Overworld Menu

Romance and Rapport Guide | Unicorn Overlord|Game8 (68)
The Rapport Menu can be accessed from the Overworld Menu. Selecting a character from the left side of the Rapport Menu shows all the other characters they can build Rapport with on the right side of the menu.

Who are you Marrying in Unicorn Overlord?

Who did you Give the Ring of the Maiden to?

Aramis 13


Alcina 6


Aubin 9


Auch 26


Berenice 25


Bruno 11


Chloe 30


Clive 189


Colm 3


Gailey 4


Gilbert 11


Josef 13


Lex 47


Melisandre 123


Monica 8


Mordon 12


Nina 14


Ochlys 46


Renault 9


Rolf 10


Scarlett 258


Selvie 11


Sharon 12


Tatiana 16


Travis 73


Yahna 66


Aramis 5


Berengaria 142


Virginia 207


Amalia 59


Unicorn Overlord features many unique characters with whom you can vow covenants with. Vote for your most loved comrade in arms and discuss it in the comments!
Character Romance Comment Section (22)

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