Meeting List – Suffolk Intergroup Assoc (2024)

SIA maintains the Suffolk County Meeting List – a list of all Groups who wish to be included along with their:

  • Meeting Name
  • Meeting Location
  • Meeting Times
  • Type of Meeting

This Meeting List is available on this website through the Meeting Finder and printed periodically as the Printed Meeting List

Table of Contents

Find A Meeting

Looking for an AA meeting?

The Meeting Finder accessible from the menu at the top of this page is the best place to get the most current meeting information.

To view today’s IN PERSON meetings go to the menu at the top of this page and select


To view today’s ONLINE meetings go to the menu at the top of this page and select


Meeting List – Suffolk Intergroup Assoc (1)

On a Mobile Phone or Tablet, click the three stacked bars

Meeting List – Suffolk Intergroup Assoc (2) on the upper right of the screen to reveal the MENU.

Meeting List – Suffolk Intergroup Assoc (3)

Meeting Guide App

The AA Meeting Guide Appis a free of charge meeting finder app for iOS and Android that provides meeting information from hundreds of intergroups andother A.A. service entities, nation-wide, in an easy-to-access format.

The meeting guide is an essential tool for finding AA meetings near you. Easily find meetings near you or any location that is sharing information with the Meeting Guide App. Easily filter by day, time or meeting type.

IN PERSON (also known FACE TO FACE or REOPENED) meetings are displayed with the start time and distance to the meeting next to the group name and the meeting location

ONLINE (also known as VIRTUAL) and PHONE meetings are displayed with a video icon or a phone icon next to the meeting with the address of the physical address crossed out.

HYBRID meetings will be displayed with both the distance to meeting and a video camera or phone icon.

Meeting List – Suffolk Intergroup Assoc (6)

Updating the Meeting List

SIA does its best to keep the Meeting List up to date, but…

We Need Your Group's Support
And Your Help

Please help us keep your group’s listing as up to date as possible.

Adding a NEW Group or Meeting

To have a NEW GROUP added to the meeting list, you MUST submit a completed Meeting List Update Form to the meeting list chair.

Please include group contact information on the form, including

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number

This information will not be made public. It is for us to follow up with you should we have any questions.

Updating an EXISTING Listing

  1. Check your group’s listing in the Meeting Finder and email any update to the Meeting List Chair at meetings@­ . Please include your contact information including a phone number in your reqeust.
    • if your meeting has REOPENED (i.e. resumed regular in person, face to face meetings), is it marked as In-person?
    • if your group is holding its meetings online, is that information listed correctly?
    • a few groups have moved to blended in person / online meetings, otherwise known as HYBRID meetings
    • if you are no longer holding online meetings, have those meetings been removed from the meeting list?
  1. You can go one step further by updating all your group’s information, including meeting schedule, meetinglocation address as well as the group contact information by filling out the Group Update Form and emailing it back to the Meetings Chair
  2. If you are registering a New Group/Meeting, you are REQUIRED to fill out the Group Update Form and email it back to the Meetings Chair

See the following section below for instructions and link to form.

Meeting List / Group Information Update Form

To avoid miscommunications, we kindly ask that you use the Meeting List / Group Information Update form found below.

See sample below to learn how to use the form !!

Please fill in ALL information, old and new, in a legible fashion please.

To fill out the Microsoft Word document:

  1. Click the link for the MS Word Format and save to your computer.
  2. Open the downloaded file with Microsoft Word.
  3. Fill out the form.
  4. Save the form to your local drive.
  5. Email the Word document as an attachment to ‘

To fill out PDF form:

  1. Click the link for the PDF Format below and save to your computer.
  2. Open the downloaded file with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  3. Select Tool / Fill Sign-In
  4. Fill in the form.
  5. In Windows, save the form. On a Mac, print it as a pdf document and save the print file to your local drive.
  6. Open the saved file in Adobe Acrobat Reader to make sure the information has been saved.
  7. If the information is still intact, email the PDF file as an attachment to ‘
  8. If the information has been lost, print the form, fill in the information, then either scan and email the completed form as above or mail it to Meeting Chair, P.O. Box 659, Patchogue, New York 11772.
Meeting List – Suffolk Intergroup Assoc (8)MS Word 93-2006Meeting List Group Update Form
Meeting List – Suffolk Intergroup Assoc (9)PDF FormatMeeting List Group Update Form

Printed Meeting List

Meeting List Availability

Printed Meeting Lists are available at no cost at the monthly SIA Business Meeting and at the SIA Office

New printings available in April and October.Please use Meeting List Update Form< when submitting update requests.

Deadline for submitting form is Feb 28th for April printing and Aug 31st for October printing.

Meeting List Archive

Print DatePDF File
April 2024Printed List as PDF
October 2023Printed List as PDF
April 2023Printed List as PDF
October 2022Printed List as PDF
April 2022Printed List as PDF
no printed meeting listduring this period due to pandemic
March 2020Printed List as PDF
November 2019Printed List as PDF
July 2019Printed List as PDF
March 2019Printed List as PDF
November 2018Printed List as PDF

Meeting Handout

As an alternative to the printed meeting lists, we’ve come up with this printable one-page handout, with QR code, web address and instructions for using SIA’s online Meeting Finder. The pdf is formatted to print two per page, and includes space for sharing phone numbers with newcomers or other attendees.

Meeting Handout

Meeting List – Suffolk Intergroup Assoc (2024)
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