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Don’t look…

Don’t look at it…



Isn’t the moon lovely tonight?


A lone figure sat underneath his sheets on his bed, sleeping soundly as if there wasn’t a care in the world. His pillow was on the floor, his body curled up into a tight ball, barely letting him breathe from how coiled he was. Normally, someone sleeping like that would grow hot and suffocated, but he was completely comfortable, snoozing silently.

Beside his bed was a normal nightstand, where his phone was plugged in and charging. The screen was lit up, constantly receiving silenced notifications that vibrated the device all over the wood. He didn’t seem to realize it, still slumbering peacefully, but the phone decided that it would be ignored no longer.

A sudden, shrill ringing coming through past its silenced state and woke him up, his mind and body scrambled and shaken by the sound. It seemed to amplify in the room, making him wince as he reached out and grabbed it. The bright screen had him shying away, blinking rapidly until his sight cleared from its blurry state.

After a few moments, he finally read the alert that woke him up.




Clicking through the alert, he tried side swiping it, only to sigh in frustration as it merely transferred to the top of his screen. However, the movement only allowed him to see the hundreds, if not thousands of notifications on his home screen. His thumb began scrolling, the majority of them all saying the same thing.

Have you looked at the moon tonight, Dan?

Dan, step outside and look up at the moon.

The moon is lovely tonight, don’t you think, Dan?

Over and over, the same messages were read from so many of his friends, each one urging him to do as they wished and using his name in their pleas. Even news articles that came to his phone were urging him to look outside. It was all completely confusing, his head turning up to gaze at his closed curtains.

As he sat there, contemplating whether or not to look, another message rang through. This time, it was from one of his more logical friends, who was always the voice of reason in their group. He clicked it, reading the text, along with a few others that came in almost instantly.

You okay ?

Idk whats goin on, but dont look at the moon. the news said bad things will happen if you do. apparently it makes people go crazy, but idk. some of the others looked at it and ive been getting these weird ass messages ever since

Have you ?

Dan huffed, rubbing at his face. His thumb slowly moved across the screen, responding with quick, concise questions.

I woke up to the amber alert! I’ve got close to a thousand notifications from messages, social media, news articles, all of it. I’m so confused.

His friend’s response was simple, as expected. Though, it wouldn’t be his friend without a dabble of his obsessions with conspiracy theories…

Well, whatever you do, just don’t look at the moon. think something is going on. i bet its those f*ckin aliens ive been telling you guys about. this is why you guys need to listen to me more. i cant wait to rub this in everyones f*ckin face

Another message through, making him huff a small laugh.

just go back to sleep, hopefully will be all gone tomorrow and this is all a crazy dream

At that, Dan tossed his phone back onto his nightstand, collapsing back into his bed. From outside, the light of the moon seemed to shine a bit more eerily, catching his gaze. His curtains were closed, but it somehow seemed to shine through the blackout fabric, growing brighter by the minute until his entire room was almost completely illuminated in white light, making him nervous. Whatever was going on made the light strange, his heart picking up in speed.

He didn’t understand anything that was happening, but he did know that he had no food in his apartment. A grocery trip was supposed to happen when he woke up in the morning, which was only a few hours away, but now he was unsure if it was safe to do so. Dan was many things, all of which centered around him being a frightened, nervous Omega.

Grabbing the sheets, he hid under them once more, trying to calm his racing heart while thinking over everything. There was no way for him to go to sleep now, not with the way his phone was still dinging and vibrating with notifications of incoming messages and alerts. Dan fussed and fumbled for a while, until he finally sat straight up in his bed.

Looking over at the stand, he saw that a shockingly three hours of time passed, which felt so quick to him, almost as if it had been just minutes. The light outside was even brighter, but it was somehow still nighttime. Which was strange, because normally at this time, the sun was beginning to rise with a beautiful glare that loomed over the city. His tiny apartment was usually cast in its path, which always gave him some type of hope for his life.

It was a dreary change that had him sighing…

Crawling out of his bed, he stood for a moment and stretched, growing frustrated by the amount of times his phone was now buzzing. It seemed to increase, sensing that he was awake and begging for him to pick it up. Dan reached out and quickly clicked back to his friend’s messages from before, only to frown as he saw all of the messages had disappeared.

Turning, he walked over to his tiny bathroom, dialing the phone number to his friend. He luckily didn’t have to wait long for dial tone to disappear as the man picked up, not able to say anything as the Omega immediately bombarded him with questions.

“Hey! Are you still getting messages? I feel like the amount I’ve gotten has increased since I woke up, and something really strange is going on outside. The sun is supposed to be rising but all I see in my room is that weird and bright light from the moon fr—”


Almost immediately, he knew something was off. His friend’s voice was different… eerie in ways that he couldn’t put into words. It had him pausing in the middle of grabbing his toothbrush, staring at himself in the mirror.

“Buddy, I-I can’t even begin to tell you. It’s astounding, honestly, dude. I mean, f*ck, I can barely process it and, just, goddamn, dude. I can barely believe it…”

Dan blinked, feeling a bit sick and squeamish. Somehow, in the back of his mind, he knew what that meant, though he wasn’t able to utter anything but a few words.

“Dan, bro. Have-Have you looked at the f*cking moon? It… It’s lo—”

Almost immediately, the Omega hung up the phone, dropping it against the counter. His heart pulsed in his chest, faster than before as he grabbed his toothbrush with shaking fingers. Trembling hands put the toothpaste on, easily guiding him into the daily, monotonous task of brushing his teeth. It was done without thinking, his mind completely blank.

When he finished, he rinsed everything off, putting them back in their rightful places. Turning, he grabbed his phone and went back to his room, crossing to his closet and dropping his pajamas in the empty laundry basket. A grey sweat jacket, black turtleneck, and pair of tight pants were pulled out, easily put on over his underwear. He was almost moving in slow motion due to his nervousness and fear of everything going on.

In all of this, he still needed to go and get groceries to bring home so that he could eat.

Dan walked out of his bedroom and into the small living room, taking in the thirty-two inch television that was mounted to the wall with a two-seater couch. He lived in a rather lovely apartment complex, one of the more expensive ones in the city that had a huge penthouse on the top floor. He was lucky to have one on the first floor above the lobby, though it was the smallest and shabbiest apartment in the entire building.

He wasn’t picky, though, especially since he was living here on the assistance of the government, and was happy in his quaint, little home.

The fridge in his kitchen was bare of most things, which he took inventory of after entering the small, closed-off part of the opening. With a sigh, the Omega let the door fall back to its closed position, turning and strolling over to the front door. Bending over, Dan put on his sneakers, easily slipping his foot in them one by one and standing to grab his shoulder bag. In it was everything he needed; heat suppressants, slick pads in case he was struck with a sudden heat, his wallet, and any other knick-knacks found in purses. Even his still buzzing phone was in its place, making him stress about all the charges that would come with how much data was being used.

Staring at the door for a moment, Dan took a deep breath, reaching out and grabbing the handle. His heart was racing due to the fear of the unknown. For whatever reason, something outside was making all his friends act bizarre and he was about to go out and face it. Face scrunching up, the Omega let out a whimper, holding the strap of his bag and clutching it with his other hand. With a deep breath, he flung his front door open, taking a step out…

Only to completely freeze the moment he was in the hallway.

At the very end, where the elevator and staircase entrance was, stood a tall, almost colossal figure. Though, figure was putting it… nicely… It stood almost as tall as the ceiling with its body tall and skinny, like a monster. The lights were completely out at that section of the hall, a singular one in the middle flicking eerily. It was completely still and he couldn’t see its face clearly at all. All he could see were two, beady eyes, a deep and dark red that glared him down.

Long, tentacle-like limbs stuck out from its body, plastered to the wall and keeping it in its standing position. The ends were stuck in the plaster, sharper than knives and digging into the wall, cutting them slowly, bit by bit. The Omega couldn’t fully tell if its skin was made of leather, or had fur, or anything of the sort, but it shined with each flicker, with a liquid that looked suspiciously like something he did not want to put into words.

Dan just stood there, staring at it and feeling its gaze on him. All the while, the moon’s glare from inside his apartment hit his back, the texts and notification messages weighing on his mind. The Omega was unable to move, blink, or even breathe, just completely terrified at what could possibly have stood in his building.

What frightened him most, though, was what it held in its mouth…

The next few things seemed to happen quickly, within nanoseconds, if at all possible. Almost instantly, the creature lurched forward, dropping what it had in its mouth and letting out an inhuman, ungodly screech as it bent over and began walking toward him at a slow pace. Limbs were on the wall, used to propel it forward as the area seemed to echo from how loud it was screaming. Another limb went right through the dropped object, piercing and spearing it without second thought as it ran at him. It had more tentacles that suddenly came out of its body, one long enough to reach out and smack him in the face, his back hitting the wall.

The moment it moved, the Omega began to scream in terror, unable to move against the wall, just as the elevator chime went off. He could barely hear it, the noise almost in the back of his mind as he covered his ears from the still-present screech from the creature. His feet were stuck to the ground, his body otherwise forced to stay still as he watched the creature come for him. The elevator doors opened behind it, hardly seen or paid any attention to until the sound of a gun clocking made the monster pause and snap its head behind him.

Four shots were fired off, one after another with only a three-second interval between them. The creature squalled, trembling and falling to the ground with a high-pitched howl that sounded of pain. It curled on the floor a few times, rolling around while still releasing that awful noise, until he lunged to its feet and ran back at the Omega. This time, though, a tall man, buff and muscular and heavenly like a hero jumped up, pointing a gun at its head and shot off two more bullets.

The monster fell to the ground and twitched three times before going still, limbs curling around its body. Up close, he could see what was now destroyed on its tentacle, almost gagging at the sight of the mauled head that still had its spine intact. Dan stood in shock, almost sinking to his knees, but was caught by the man who rescued him. The lights at the end of the hall slowly turned back on, allowing him to finally try and catch a glimpse of what was going to attack him. As they turned on, however, a hand covered his eyes, making him whimper.

“Don’t look. It’s f*ckin’ disgusting.” The hand was large easily reaching across the span of his face. It smelled… nice… with a strongly musky fragrance drifting into his noise. The scent of an Alpha. “Can’t believe these things are everywhere. Are you the only one left on this floor?”

The arm that grabbed him and kept him from falling slowly lifted him to his feet, allowing the Omega to stand on trembling legs. Still, the hand over his eyes stayed in place, firmly gripping him without giving any hopes of removal.

“L-Last one left? I, I don’t—“

“Most of the people in the building are out there, acting like f*cking freaks. Something about the moon. But it’s not everyone. I can go out and look and be fine. You gotten any weird messages?”

Dan’s lips parted, a breath leaving them. The hand holding him slid down to his lower back, pushing him forward. He was pulled towards the buff body, curling into the Alpha’s side as they walked. He didn’t know where they were going, but when they stopped, he heard the elevator ding again before they walked onto it. The doors shut behind them, the machine immediately moving up, higher and higher. It seemed to go on forever, until it finally stopped after a few minutes.

“I-I woke up and… My friend said, but-but then…” Dan felt his eyes water behind the man’s hand, but it didn’t seem to make the Alpha flinch away. “All our messages are gone! And so I called him and, and—”

The dinging once again cut him off, his blubbering making the man sigh as they stepped off. The air warmed a bit, the hand leaving his back. Another minute later, he heard a door click and open, with the both of them entering quickly after.

“Keep your eyes closed until I say. Gonna close the curtains.”

As soon as that deep, velvety voice uttered the words, Dan was released, and he made sure to follow the directions he was given. He heard the man walking around, fabrics shuffling for a few minutes. Shuffling from foot to foot, the Omega sighed, feeling the welling tears drip down his face. Reaching up, he wiped them away with the back of his hand, waiting for whatever was going to happen next.

“Okay.” After a few minutes, he heard footsteps coming back toward him before something poked his nose. “You can open your eyes now, it’s safe.”

Doing so, the Omega blinked to clear his vision. In front of him stood a much taller Adonis of a man, strong and fierce in his looks. Dark hair, perfectly parted in the middle, swept over and down his ears, with a small buzzcut under the luscious locks. His pointed nose was turned up as he stared at the Omega, dark eyes taking in his dainty form that was minuscule next to the Alpha’s. There was blood splattered on his shirt, though he didn’t pay much attention to it.

“This is my penthouse. You can stay here for now, since that thing is down on your floor. I dunno what’s going on, but outside is f*cking disgusting. Lot’s of those creatures out there with only some of us sane enough to ignore and get past them…” Trailing off, he took in Dan’s injured face. “Let’s get that fixed and we can talk more.”

The man reached out and grabbed Dan by his sweatshirt, pulling him over to the couch. He then gave a none-too-gentle push, forcing the Omega to fall onto the cushion. Dan let out a little ‘omph,’ bouncing a few times before settling on the surprisingly soft surface. He watched the Alpha walk away, disappearing down a hall and making noise in a room. Not too long after, the man came back, carrying a small first-aid box.

Without saying anything, the Alpha sat down next to Dan, opening the box and pulling out antiseptic and bandages. A cotton ball was held with a tweezers immediately after, which the Alpha soaked in the cleansing liquid. Raising it to the Omega’s face, the man paused, frowning as he met the Dan’s nervous, chocolate eyes.

“This’ll sting a lot, but the cut on your cheek is pretty deep. Who knows if anything off that thing down there got into it, so I’m gonna have to hold it there a while, got it?” Dan gave a hesitant nod, watching the man’s free hand come up to grip the back of his head, holding him in place. “Take a deep breath for me.”

For a few seconds, the Omega didn’t move. His heart was racing in his chest from the knowledge of incoming pain. When he finally did breathe, he shut his eyes, biting on his bottom lip. He expected burn to come almost immediately, but was stunned when he had to wait almost a whole minute. Right when he was about to open his eyes again, he felt it.


Tears immediately filled his eyes, one slipping down his cheek to soak with the antiseptic. Dan began sniffling, close to sobbing with how horribly it stung and burned his face. His pain tolerance was practically nonexistent, so he felt everything almost tenfold due to that. All the while, he couldn’t pull his head away, trapped by a hand that was easily the size of his face.

“Yeah, I know. Cry about it, I won’t judge you.” The Alpha’s thumb stroked the shell of the Omega’s ear, and Dan just knew his face was a burning red. “Just a bit more. You’re doing great.”

The man held the cotton for a few minutes, gently digging it into Dan’s face. He dragged it up and down the cut, ensuring all of the gaping wound was properly covered in the stinging liquid. When he deemed it clean enough, he pulled the swab away, letting the Omega see its bloodied state. In some of the spots within the cotton, there were black and purple chunks of goo, making him panic.

“Oh, ohmygodwhatisthat!!!” His words were a jumbled mess, rushed out as the tears really began pouring out. His bottom lip began trembling, eyes wide and big as the Alpha let him go and dumped the bag of bandages out. The cotton was tossed in it, another grabbed with the tweezers, soaked in antiseptic, and brought back to Dan’s face. “No, no, no, no, no!!

“I gotta get the rest out, sweet thing. There’s a bit left and you’ve got blood running down your face. I’m almost done.”

Dan began to profusely sob, a bit of snot dripping from his nose. The man ignored all of it in order to cup his face, stroking his cheek with his long thumb while simultaneously keeping his head in place. The cotton was then pushed back to his cheek, this time harder in order to get deeper into the wound. It made the Omega cry even harder, trying to pull his head away, but unable to move due to the grip on him.

“Almost done.” The Alpha, for what it was worth, didn’t move slowly, cleaning him as quickly as he could. Dan could feel blood dripping down his face and into his neck, soaking his shirt. The man gave a few, final brushes against the cut before pulling back. “There, let me just wipe your face and put the bandage on.”

The cotton swab found its home in the baggie, as well, as the man pulled bandage wrap out. He quickly unravelled some, bringing it to his mouth and ripping the roll. Folding it up, the Alpha reached out and held it against Dan’s cheek, catching the dripping blood. The wrap was thick enough that it didn’t bleed through, the man’s hand grabbing the tape and holding it up.

Dan watched the mesmerizing sight of the Alpha ripping the tape with his teeth, sniffling and whimpering still from the pain. He wiped his eye on the side of his face that he could reach without bothering the man. In just a few moments later, he had pieces of tape stuck to his face to keep the bandage in place. The man pulled back, staring at his handiwork for a second before putting all the bandages back into the box, without the bag.

The Alpha grabbed a singular wipe, ripping the covering and pulling it out. He then began wiping the blood off Dan’s cheek and neck, tugging the turtleneck down a bit to get any that was hidden. The touch had the Omega shying away, reaching up to scratch at his ear, where the thumb had previously been stroking.

“I— Thanks… for c-cleaning me…” Dan looked off to the side, only to have his chin grabbed by strong fingers. “S-Sir?”

“Call me Jaekyung.”

The deep voice sent shivers down the Omega’s back as his head was turned back to the man. Jaekyung was still eyeing his cheek, only for another moment before his gaze travelled down to Dan’s plump mouth. A smirk spread across his own, his thumb grazing up until it could stroke at the bottom lip.

“Whatever’s out there is turning people into those monsters down there. For now, we are the only ones left in this building. Everyone else is gone; disappeared after looking at the moon. You can stay up here, with me, in one of the other rooms. I’m gonna need to watch your cheek, anyways, so it’s best that way…”

The man trailed off, leaning closer for a moment. Dan’s breathe hitched in his chest, unable to move at all due to the man’s proximity to him. The hand shifted, firmly gripping his unmarred cheek and gently caressing it as Jaekyung stared deeply into his eyes.

“Yeah, yeah… Stay here. But just be careful…”

Trailing off, Jaekyung smirked, his other hand coming up to rest on the couch arm. Dan was now trapped, unable to escape even if he wanted to. Somehow, he was completely and wholly captivated, hypnotized even by everything that was the Alpha.

“I might eat a cute, little thing like you before they do…”

Don't Look at the Moon! - Chapter 1 - rivaere_queen - 징크스 - 밍과 | Jinx (2024)
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